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For information about Introduction to Algebra and Algebra I, please use Moodle.
  • Click on the Moodle symbol above to access the HFA Moodle site or type the web address into your browser: moodle.resa.net/psa/hfa
  • From the Moodle site, click on "Mathematics", then select the course you are interested in, such as Introduction to Algebra, Algebra 1A or Algebra 1B.
  • My course Moodle sites provide the syllabus, weekly agendas, assignments, required class materials, weekly videos, and announcements.
  • Students are provided passwords for their courses.
  • Parents may use the guest password provided on the course syllabus.

Link to Mrs. Whybark's Algebra Videos on You Tube: external image 6009__2776__youtube-logo-full_color.jpeg

Or use the address: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyUL6bkBV9LW1dLojIujs7w

On this wiki site, use the links on the left to access to the pages for Math Help, the Class of 2019, and the 2G Community Service Club.
  • Math Help page provides a variety of resources students may find helpful when studying for Introduction to Algebra and Algebra. The resources are optional, but very helpful.
  • Class of 2019 page provides general information about orientation and other events specifically for the 9th Grade class.
  • 2G Community Service Club page provides a calendar of upcoming events, contact information, and a summary of events that have already taken place this year.

You DO NOT need to request membership to use this Wiki. It can be viewed by anyone, anywhere.