Geometry Videos created by Mrs. Whybark for ACE Geometry, Trimester 3, 2013

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.
~S. Gudder


Introduction to ACE Geometry Video

Unit 1: Points, Planes, and Lines

LESSON 1: Points, Planes, and Lines CLICK HERE

LESSON 2 pt. 1 of 3: Area, Perimeter, Segments, and Midpoints CLICK HERE

LESSON 2 pt. 2 of 3: CLICK HERE

LESSON 2 pt. 3 of 3: CLICK HERE


Unit 2: Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
Lesson 4: Parallel Lines and Transversals Click Here
Lesson 5: Slope and Distance Click Here
Lesson 6: Proving Lines Parallel Click Here

Unit 3: Triangles
Lesson 7: Measuring Angles
Lesson 7 includes a powerpoint presentation and a short video.

Video for Lesson 7: Click Here
Lesson 8: Isosceles Triangles Click Here
Lesson 9: Right Triangles and Similar Triangles Click Here
Lesson 10: Triangle Inequalities Click Here
Most of the vocabulary for this unit is in the powerpoint presentatioin. The remaining vocabulary is in the attachment below.

Lesson 11: Proportions and Similarities Click Here
Notes to accompany video for Lesson 11

Unit 4: Quadrilaterals & Transformations
The lectures for lesson 12-14 are presented in powerpoint with audio. There is one powerpoint presentation for the entire unit. If you are having trouble viewing the powerpoint with sound, use the powerpoint without sound.
Lesson 12: slides 1-16 (Lesson 12)
Lesson 13: slides 17-25 (Lesson 13)
Lesson 14: slides 26-38 (Lesson 14)
Powerpoint presentation with sound
Powerpoint Presentation without sound

Lesson 15: Watch the WinPossible video on Geometric Translation, Reflections, Dilations Click Here
Lesson 16: Watch 5 Pearson Education Videos (they are each short!)
Just for Fun: Gangnam Style Transformations: Click Here

Unit 5: Trigonometry
Lesson 17: Special Right Triangles Click Here
Lesson 18: Trigonometric Ratios Click Here
Lesson 19: Law of Sines Click Here
Lesson 20: Law of Cosines Click Here

Unit 6: Circles

Lesson 21: Circles, Angles, & Arcs Click Here
Lesson 22: Circles & Spheres Click Here

Unit 7: Polygons & Solids
Lesson 23: Polygons & Internal Angles Click Here
Lesson 24: Polygons & External Angles Click Here
Lesson 25: Area of Polygons Click Here
Lesson 26: Cylinders & Cones
Lesson 27: Prisms & Pyramids